Tuesday, February 3, 2009

creativity and inspiration!!!!

no no no....I'm not reverting to my 2008 style blog updates where they come every 2 months.... I've just been spending all my internet time the past couple weeks looking for jobs AND-cue herald trumpets-setting up my etsy shop!!!!! Go check out Roses Are Blue!!! My friends Bini (her shop will be open soon too!) and Domi have been so awesome in helping me set it up. From inspiration to photography we have been together all the way (and every day!) and I'm so grateful! It's so cool to have such creative and talented friends. I got so lucky somehow to have the people around me that I do. They are all so inspiring in their own ways.

Here's one who is currently blowing my mind with her talent. I've known Shannon for most of my New York life and when she left to go on tour this year I knew I'd miss her but I didn't know how much! She was in town for a gig last night and I got to see her play and she was amazing as per usual. This video isn't from last night but it is my favorite new song of hers. Enjoy!

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