Wednesday, October 22, 2008

P.S. Follow that Bird!!!

Ok... just go with me for a second here... does anyone remember the 1985 Sesame Street movie Follow That Bird?

well, I do. And I loved it! And at work, the stage management team just went around making everyone muppets and I'm Big Bird (apparently it has to do with how I'm so
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Pumpkin Carving Party!!!

Fall in New York City!!!
It's one of the best times to be in one of the best places to be... especially when you have awesome friends like Janet organising all sorts of festive events! Check out her blog, Brooklyn Living (link on the side) for more-- and

undoubtedly better-- pics! A few of us got together last night at their apartment for tacos, pumpkin carving and German apple crumble prepared by an actual German (pictured above tearfully murdering a was her first time!)

Bini, Sharon, Janet, Me
and pumpkins

And as if that weren't enough, Bini and I walked home together and had a big super-good long chat about all kinds of stuff.... God, friends, prayer, New York, the kind of good conversation that both of us have really been missing lately. It's so cool how God drops people into your life! I don't think I've mentioned how I know her actually. Bini was on my DTS (that school I did in England about 5 years ago) We lived in different rooms and our different responsibilities kept us from really spending much time together but she was one of the people that I really regretted not getting to know so when she emailed a few months ago saying that she and her husband were moving here, I was so excited! They ended up staying with me for a couple of weeks and we spent that time finding that friendship that we missed in England. And last night, we got the idea to get together once a week or so in the morning (ok.... early afternoon...) to pray and be with God together.... something I have been craving like crazy! So we start tomorrow!!!!! I'm so thankful that out of that experience we get this one! God has the best ideas!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I know, I know, I said I'd be better...

but I've had a couple crazy weeks to fill you in on! I'll just go with some of the highlights....

A few weeks ago, my friend roger sent me the greatest text message of my life.... it was something along the lines of "we have an extra ticket to the New Kids on the Block concert on tuesday." So... to New Jersey we went!!! We were looking down our noses a little at all the people-sorry all the girls- on the train with us until Roger of all people reminded us that we were in fact just like them...we got there and settled in to wait... after the fabulous Natasha Bedingfield finished her set, the energy in the room was buzzing.... we knew what was coming next! As the lights went down and the screens started flashing, suddently the 10 year old girl in us all came screaming out our mouths... we danced and sang our way through the next couple hours, and after three encores, we all agreed that we would have happily stayed through the whole thing all over again... As shannon said "This is historic. I mean, some people have seen segregated drinking fountains and the possiblity of a black president in their lifetime. We have seen New Kids on the Block. Twice." It was maybe the most fun I have EVER had! And yes, that is Joey McIntyre on a piano...
A few days later I went to one of the last games to ever be played at Shea stadium (and the last game the mets were going to win this season..) and officially overcame my fear that I was in fact bad luck when they won awesomely at the very last second. I was sick and it was freezing but it was still so much fun! I'm not the hugest baseball fan or anything but I guess it's kinda cool that I've been to both a Yankees and Mets game this year when it's the last time they'll be playing in those stadiums.... i guess.... maybe when I'm old I'll think it's cool....