Sunday, August 23, 2009

alright already!

I know. promises were made. I broke them. deal.


here I am again.

It's been months but they've been mostly filled with work and work has mostly consisted of a LOT of laundry and ironing and as boring as that is to DO, it's only MORE boring to read about so you'll forgive me for not sharing much.
but today! ah today has been a LOVELY day! nothing too spectacular just all of the things that make sundays my favorite:

sweet, sweet morning time with Papa, check out Bethel Church for a glimpse

good time at Church! including a musical filled sermon today! (Sound of Music and Pippin! what?)

picnic in the park with great friends



As Christabel and the Jons say,
I'm thankful,
so thankful,
for my life

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